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"The secret to Great health,
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Meet the Therapists at the Wholistic Healing Center !!

"If you can't afford prevention NOW, how will you afford disease LATER"

Your therapist at the Wholistic Healing Center has years of training and experience. If you are in Colorado, then we are your choice for colon care.

Do you love what you do? You may love what you do as much as Janie Medrano, owner of Wholistic Healing Center of Castle Rock. Her local business at 404 Jerry St. in downtown Castle Rock is the place to visit if you are looking for a quiet place to unwind, detox, cleanse or need information on how to heal your body.

Janie Medrano (owner) has been in the medical field for over 20 years, working with Family Practitioners and Internal Medicine Physicians. Janie also holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration. After years of seeing the abuse of pharmaceutical medicine Janie has decided to practice Wholistic Health.

Janie opened her doors in 2009 and still enjoys getting up and going to work every morning. Her healing center has grown and flourished out of her passion in educating the community about proper colon care. Janie has worked hard from the beginning to ensure her business was successful. It was a courageous act to buy the business from the beginning. Janie was driven and has a love for her work that is what has made her successful. Now the healing center offers an extensive assortment of services.

Janie is very passionate about colon care and educating the community about the importance of detoxification especially in today’s toxic environment.

Janie uses Hot Stones, Essential Oils, and a gentle stomach massage to aid in the colonic process. Janie has worked on over thousands of clients and has been able to help her clients in such a significant way. This is the most gratifying aspect of her practice. You may call and ask for referrals and recommendations.

Janie is also extremely proud of her facility; it is a SAFE, STERILE, CLINICAL environment. You may come in for a tour of the facility and also receive a FREE consultation before your colonic session. You will be pleased with her professional attitude and approach. Janie works hard to ensure each client has a pleasant experience.

jen at wholistic health centerJen Ramirez, is an I-ACT Certified Colon-Hydrotherapist. She studied and practiced under Celeste Magnuson, founder of Living Arts Wellness in Fort Collins, CO who also introduced her to Janie Medrano, owner of the Wholistic Healing Center.

Her love for this healing modality began when she received her first colonic 6 years ago, leading to a greater understanding of her personal GI health. In discovering the healing potential of colonics, practicing has brought Jen joy & fulfillment as a health care provider. She values the art of one on one consultations along with the recognition that every client is a unique situation, offering experience to her education as an individual & therapist. She believes in approaching her clients with gentle, yet, effective methods that will leave them feeling confident in their body's ability to heal and maintain wellness.

Jen loves all things food, beverage, and ice cream. She encourages a variation of delicious and balanced whole foods in one's diet for prolonged benefits of her services but isn't shy to encourage her clients to indulge in the nectars that this bountiful planet has to offer.

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